Non-NHS Work

Private Medicals

The surgery is participating in non-NHS work through private medicals performed by the GP. The most common is the DVLA Medical although the practice is able to complete others including foster medicals etc.

Private medicals have a £110 fee which is paid straight after the medical is concluded. Payment can be made through cash only and an invoice can be provided for your personal use. Please be aware that the charges can change.

A medical appointment lasts up to 30 minutes and you could be expected to produce a urine sample as well as height and weight measurement upon arrival.

Please note, private medical appointments are not offered each week therefore there could be a wait of up to 5-6 weeks in some cases.

If you require a medical, please ensure all paperwork is filled in and given to the surgery so an appointment can be offered once the paperwork has been processed by the medical secretary. If paperwork is not completed it will be returned to you.