Change to Appointment System

With effect from the 22nd March, we are starting a new appointment system following an in-house evaluation, to give you the patient, the best medical care possible.

The Reception Team have been given a pathway to follow so you will be asked a couple of questions so you can be signposted appropriately. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the reception team are unable to book face to face appointments but will continue to book you in for a telephone call from a clinician and if you need to be seen in the surgery the clinician will book you an appointment.

You will be asked the nature of your problem, this is not to be nosey but to direct you to the correct clinician. The Pharmacy are also able to help with some conditions so you could be directed there as the first part of your treatment. If you require help from a clinician which is deemed appropriate for today, you will be booked a telephone call for either the morning or afternoon depending on the time of day you call.

Help via our website, e-Consult is a fantastic way to get help for any condition you may have. Complete the online form and a GP will review and a reply will be sent back within 48 hours.

The Reception Team are working very hard during these unusual times and we as always appreciate your patience and understanding.