Latest news on Bermuda and Marlowe Practice from North Hampshire CCG

North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHCCG) has confirmed that the Bramblys Grange Medical Practice will take over the provision of General Practitioner services at the Bermuda and Marlowe Practice from 1 April 2021.

Bramblys Grange had already successfully applied to take on the day-to-day running of the practice from 1 October 2021 – on a permanent basis – but they have now also been awarded a short term ‘caretaker’ contract to provide services for you from the earlier date of 1 April 2021.

The practice will continue to operate throughout this period, and patients registered at Bermuda and Marlowe do not need to do anything. Responsibility for your care will transfer automatically to the Bramblys Grange Medical Practice on 1 April 2021. Please note, this does not affect where you receive your care – your surgery remains the Bermuda & Marlowe Practice, and you should continue using the same contact details as before, for all enquiries. You do not need to do anything differently – the aim is to avoid any disruption to you, and your registration to the new provider will take place automatically.

Dr Matt Nisbet, GP and clinical lead for Business and Partnerships at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership of CCGs, said: “Bramblys Grange are delighted to be taking on the Bermuda and Marlowe Practice in partnership with North Hampshire CCG and in close collaboration with our patients and the local population.”

“Our focus remains the same – making sure people in the area have easy access to good, safe services. We have been supporting the current contract providers to improve services at Bermuda and Marlowe– and we believe there are some signs of progress now – and that work continues with Bramblys Grange, who are committed to serving the area.”

Andrew Smythe, Executive Manager at Bramblys GrangeMedical Partnership said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the health of the local population and to look at new ways of providing services to best meet the needs of the local people.”

“Bramblys Grange are looking forward to working with patients and partners to develop the range of services they offer. This will include looking at what patients said when the CCG sought their views about services at the practice and taking these into account as future ones are developed.”