Update on Restarting Services

We wanted to update you all on how we are re-starting services at your practice, after a difficult few days.

As you may know, we were not able to open yesterday. We deeply regret that – it was the result of some significant pressures building up in recent weeks, as all staff have faced the challenge of taking on this practice for the first time.

However, we are delighted that today (15 April) we are able to offer support to anyone needing urgent (‘same day’) support, and by the start of next week we will also be able to re-start our more routine services as well.

We know that any interruption is worrying for patients, and so we have worked tirelessly – with a great deal of support from local NHS colleagues – to ensure that any temporary closure has been kept as short as was humanly possible. We took on the running of this practice because we believe we can improve services for patients, and we remain entirely committed to achieving that.

Please accept our apologies if you have been inconvenienced or concerned in the last few days. We have all chosen to work as GPs in Basingstoke – we know this area well, and we are determined to serve the patients who live here. We are absolutely focused on addressing the short-term challenges we face, but still maintain that long-term ambition to give you the best possible care and support.